Client Books Kitchen Things E-Brouchure - Page 57

GAS COOKTOPS Cooking is about creating masterpieces and experimenting with different cooking methods – not about spending hours cleaning. With a glass finish you can simply wipe away spills in seconds, making cleaning a breeze. A glass finish also provides that extra little bit of sophistication to any kitchen design. FRONT CONTROL Many gas models now have the controls located across the front of the cooktop for easy use. With front control operation you also have more room between burners – great for extra large pots. CONFIGURATIONS Regardless of whether the cooking method requires large or small saucepans, flexible burner configurations and sturdy cast iron trivets are a key consideration. Triple flame high-powered wok burners, and large, medium and small auxiliary burners are available to make sure you get the right level of cooking power. SAFETY TIP A flame failure system automatically cuts the gas supply, should the flame be extinguished due t o a strong current of air or liquid spillage. 56