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COMBINATION STEAM OVENS Many households are now finding that three ovens will cater to all their cooking requirements, namely a combi steam oven, combi microwave oven and a multifunctional oven. The combi steam oven has become the everyday oven for many households, with the wall oven being used when all the family is around for dinner. Combi steam ovens continue to be the fastest growing sector of the appliance market. And they are not just about steaming vegetables to retain all the nutrients, colour and flavour – they can also be used to grill and sear meat, ensuring all the moisture is retained. TRUE GENIUS The true genius behind this oven is the combination mode that uses both dry heat and steam to maintain exact humidity levels. The extra humidity transfers heat faster ensuring exactly the desired atmosphere, reducing shrinkage and weight loss while also improving cooking times and results. The combi steam oven is also simply the best product for reheating food or meals because it doesn’t allow the food to dry out. Miele offers a 45cm fully functional oven as a companion product to the combi-steam and microwave ovens. In addition, the company has launched a 60cm combi-steam oven, which can be teamed with the existing 60cm ovens. HELPFUL HINT If you have a favourite baking dish or frying pan bring it along and see how it will fit with the new appliance. 45