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OVENS Consider what purpose your oven will serve. If you have a big family or intend to cook lots of meals regularly then a large oven up to 90cm may be preferable. Standard ovens are 60cm with compact ovens usually 45cm. The latest series of 60cm ovens have a much larger capacity than earlier models – many of the leading brands have raised the volume from around 50 to 70 litres of useable oven capacity. This provides much more cooking space, with up to five levels of cooking. PERFECTLY CONTROLLED Smeg Thermoseal ovens have a unique cooling system that allows cool air to circulate around the oven cavity and up through the panes of glass in the door. This process keeps the heat inside the oven and away from surrounding cabinetry, providing a perfectly controlled cooking environment; roasts retain nutrients, natural juices and flavour, pastries crisp to perfection and cakes rise evenly. IN YOUR HOME It is important to see how these models are displayed in a kitchen environment to appreciate how they might look in your own home. While
in store, take the opportunity to open the
oven doors, pull out the shelves, play with
the features, and ask our specialist team your questions. Book in for a cooking technology class by contacting your local store or go online and register your interest on the
Kitchen Things website. PLACEMENT TIP A built-in oven can be placed at a suitable height either in a wall or under a bench. 41