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ENDURING HERITAGE BEST OF BRITISH Most people associate the name Aga with good food and fine living. Over the past 80 years, Aga has built on its iconic design, creating new products that reflect modern living requirements.The latest addition, the Aga S-Series takes all the flexibility and convenience of an Aga heat storage cooker and fuses it with the instant response of a conventional range cooker. Choose from the compact 60cm-wide model or the S-series six-four featuring six gas burners, three ovens and rapid-response ceramic grill. Falcon created the first range cooker, the Kitchener, in 1830, providing the blueprint for the innovative cast-iron technology utilised by Falcon’s sister company, Aga. Over the next 50 years the Kitchener notched up a host of prestigious awards and the company has been pioneering the technology ever since. Choose from the traditional-style range cooker, an essential component in any period home, or the clean lines of the contemporary series to create the perfect synergy in your kitchen. 22