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Real-life performance of a home, rather than cosmetic features, is crucial 4 % want to live in an apartment up from 2.6% Paul McKenzie National Marketing Manager, t couple of years that most Kiwis rate good sun and insulation as ant – even so, a leap of 8 percent is pretty significant,” he said. s shows the real-life performance of a home, rather than cosmetic es, is increasingly crucial. Home sellers wanting to command a top would be well advised to look at issues such as insulation before ut their house on the market,” he said. aid information campaigns on home energy efficiency, plus the surge of interest in home improvement shows, were having an t on attitudes. onally, 77 percent said making their home more energy efficient priority – a 12 percent increase on 2013. Around half aim to s in the next year. Some respondents were ahead of the game, enting they’d already made significant improvements to their One added, “I would certainly want these things if I was looking to ase a new place.” s who are considering selling their homes believe it’s worth ding performance – 88 percent think energy-efficient features have tential to attract a price premium. Other aspects of energy use and nability are growing in importance too. Effic