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GO GREEN AND GROW 6 % want to live in a villa down from 8.4% 4 Kiwis put sun and warmth top of the list when it comes to housing the last What’s the most important thing we look for when buying a house? feature Surprisingly enough, it’s not the indoor-outdoor flow or number of bedrooms. An overwhelming nine out of ten New Zealanders rate good sun and importa “This price w they pu He sa insulation as ‘important’ or ‘very important’ when choosing a new home recent – far outweighing other factors. impact Results from the annual Homestar / survey were Natio released in late 2014, showing an ever-rising preference for good was a p orientation for sun, and high levels of insulation. do this Now run over three years, the survey gives an unparalleled insight comme into not only what New Zealanders rate as important, but also how our home. preferences are changing over time. While orientation for sun was rated as purcha important by 86 percent of respondents in 2013, this year it’s risen to 91 Kiwis percent. A high level of insulation was important to 82 percent last year, upgrad but is now ranked as important by 90 percent. the pot Paul McKenzie, National Marketing Manager at, said the increased preference surpassed his expectations. “We knew from 5 sustain LED lig