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RENTAL WARRANT OF FITNESS MAKING PROGRESS Five New Zealand cities tested a draft rental warrant of fitness (WoF) in early 2014. The assessment consisted of a checklist with 31 criteria, developed by the NZ Green Building Council and the University of Otago Medical School, Wellington, with feedback and input from ACC and participating councils. The WoF was tested on 144 properties in Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin, with 90% failing on at least one of the criteria. However, nearly 40% of homes inspected could pass the test with only minor fixes, costing $150 or less. Homes were assessed for fit-for-purpose features like insulation and ventilation, lighting, heating, condition of appliances and general building safety, such as handrails and smoke alarms. Dr Julie Bennett from the University of Otago Wellington, said the trial had been an important step in understanding what type of assessment would work for landlords, assessors and tenants. A workable housing WoF had to add value for landlords as well as tenants, she said. The councils involved will hold a workshop to refine the test and scope its potential implementation. ence to families’ health bers of society and to work hard building up nerships between different agencies, and a om grassroots organisations to district health ample, with the right resources in place, it professionals to refer families for a housing e in need. ned, it’s an investment not just in health or in our young people. ith the children and particularly with ost effective thing we can do is to make sure n let’s do it.”