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WHERE CAN YOU FIND HELP TO MAKE YOUR HOME MORE EFFICIENT? YOUR COUNCIL – check whether there’s a scheme in your area to help ratepayers meet the costs of insulation, clean heat or other sustainability improvements. The Energywise website also has a directory of ratepayer schemes. Several councils offer free eco-design advice or assessments for home sustainability – this may be through the Eco Design Adviser scheme or other local providers. YOUR BANK – if you have a mortgage, your bank may agree to waive the fee for a top-up to pay for insulation or other efficiency improvements. It’s worth asking! WARM UP NEW ZEALAND: HEALTHY HOMES – some regional schemes offer funding for insulation in low-income households or those with high health needs. Funding, criteria and availability vary by region. See THE COMMUNITY ENERGY NETWORK has a directory of qualified Home Performance Advisers around the country and community schemes such as curtain banks. HOMESTAR.ORG.NZ – a free online self-assessment is a great starting point to work out where your home rates now, and how it can be improved. You can also find a directory of Homestar Assessors here. uced. There may also be other services on offer – such as design . example, the Eco Design Advisor scheme is one programme ils take part in, providing free consultancy to homeowners on nable building and renovation. se advisers can provide smart ideas on energy, water, material and issues; tips for house-building projects and basic information on sustainability. Advisors can also help designers and architects, and are also qualified in Homestar. start, joining myHomestar is free and gives you access to the self-assessment tool to see where your house sits on a scale 0. You can also get basic advice on easy improvements and enance here.