Client Books Homestar - New Zealand Green Building Council - Page 61

A LID ON YOUR SHOWER s most evident in your bathroom but it often nearby rooms, causing mildew, mould and This can damage furnishings, wallpaper, nd clothing – and contribute to asthma and s. A Showerdome will stop steam, creating a r home. BRINGING PURE, NATURAL LIGHT INTO INTERIOR SPACES The Solatube Daylighting System captures daylight in a small roof-top dome and redirects it down a reflective tube to deliver clean, white RENGTH WITH DURABILITY R YOUR NEW BUILD XRaft slab encases the perimeter, putting tinuous layer between the ground and ete, unlike traditional waffle slabs. This light inside. Light is evenly filtered without using electricity, so it’s a good way to use the sun’s free natural light. Installed by HomeTech’s nationwide licensed installation network for peace of mind and a 10-year warranty. tion dramatically affects the surface erature, significantly improving the comfort home and the health of the family, while ing heating costs. TECT CONCRETE SURFACES t your concrete benchtop or floor with e Concrete Wax, a tough, waterborne glaze that is easy to apply. It’s non- ing, resistant to chipping, peeling and oil splashes, and scratches are easy to repair. nmental Choice-certified and low VOC too. THE SYSTEM WRAP FOR A WARM HOME The ARIDON® system wraps the frame in a layer of continuous insulation and weather protection,