Client Books Homestar - New Zealand Green Building Council - Page 6

Pre-1970s housing can be poorly insulated and inefficient, but retrofitting insulation and clean heat can make a positive differe “If someone has an asset they want to let out to other people, there should be a minimum standard. “In many other areas we expect people to confirm that what they’re ability to be productive memb our country.” The solution requires partn providing is safe and free from hazard. Equally, it seems reasonable will to make a difference – fro that people who are letting out homes should realise they have the boards to politicians. For exa opportunity to harm people’s health.” wouldn’t be hard for health p Such a standard would benefit the whole country. “When you’re renting assessment if they look to be out unhealthy properties to vulnerable families, the whole country ends As far as Lance is concern up subsidising it. The taxpayer and the health system get the bill when houses, but in the future of o people end up in hospital and the emergency department.” “We should always start wi And further ahead, Lance sees longer-term costs. “Kids living in cold, damp homes get sick – if they end up with chronic illness that limits their 4 vulnerable children. If the mo their homes are healthy, then