Client Books Homestar - New Zealand Green Building Council - Page 59

S YOUR SAFETY AND SECURITY? ng the time to review the safety and security of your home is er worthwhile exercise. ere was an emergency, would your front door be visible from the ? Have you thought about installing security lighting around the ? Do your windows have good locks and security stays? k around the house and garden and check whether your home is or children. Consider things like the driveway, swimming pools, and storage of cleaning products and poisons. Do you have a ng fire extinguisher in the kitchen? Do you have smoke alarms, and ou checked the batteries recently? YOUR HOUSE A HUG mestar recommends every house has its own Home User Guide, s published checklist helps you gather relevant information into a al specific to your house. This can include house and renovation warranties, guarantees and appliance manuals; and instructions ergy saving, heating, water saving and indoor environment systems. t’s made, you can easily update it. aintenance log is another helpful tool. And, should you sell your , you can pass the manual and the Homestar certification if you one, on to the new owners.