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HEALTHY CHOICES Small but positive choices and changes can improve the wellbeing of your home As well as how warm, dry and weathertight a home is, several other factors impact the health and wellbeing of the home living environment. Some of these are considered in a Homestar assessment – such as the toxicity of materials, as well as home security and safety measures. HOW’S Takin anothe If the street? house? Look safe fo WHAT’S YOUR HOUSE MADE OF? Some building and furnishing products may contain or emit chemicals that are harmful to health, such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs). stairs, workin have yo VOCs can be present in common products such as carpets, adhesives and sealants, paints, manufactured wood products, and furnishings. Exposure to high levels of VOCs may cause symptoms like dizziness GIVE Y Hom and headaches. VOCs dissipate over time, but if your home is closed up and its all day and a lot of these materials are present, VOCs can build up. The manua best way to avoid the VOCs is to avoid buying products containing them. plans; For advice on how to source reputable eco-labelled products, you for ene can visit the Homestar website. It contains lists of recognised labels Once it that denote a third-party verification from independent organisations like Environmental Choice New Zealand (ECNZ), Forest Stewardship Council house, (FSC) or Green Tag. 30 A ma have o