Client Books Homestar - New Zealand Green Building Council - Page 54

WELS STARS The NZ Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme (WELS) shows how waterefficient fittings and appliances are. The number of stars indicate the average water flow rate for products. The more WELS stars out of six, the more efficient the product. Achieving 6 Homestar requires a minimum level of water efficiency for showers and toilets. THIS RATING SYSTEM WILL HELP YOU * Choose products that use less water but still offer quality and performance. * Determine how water efficient a product is, compared to others in the same class. * Make informed choices to help use a vital natural resource wisely. * Encourage manufacturers to design and make water-efficient products. WHEN BUILDING NEW OR RENOVATING ... Some easy and low-cost improvements Change the way you use water; take short showers rather than baths, turn off taps when not needed, use a bucket rather than hose for cleaning cars and windows, and water the garden in the evening rather than during the day. Check for leaks inside and outside your home; fix all dripping taps and toilet cisterns. Install low-flow shower heads or fit flow restrictors to existing taps. 28 Choose efficient dual flush toilets (4.5/3 litre flush) and appliances and fittings with high WELS ratings. Install a rainwater tank for reuse in the garden, or a larger size that can be plumbed to the toilet or laundry. View more details here. Consider a greywater system for toilet flushing and/or garden watering (these require special set-up and consent to ensure safety).