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People come to me because they’re sick, then they get into a healthy home and don’t come back wn housing can negatively affect the health of occupants day seeded the inspiration for Kainga Ora (Well Home), a unity programme Lance established to fix run-down homes, g them warm and safe for families. ’ve had some wins and we’ve been able to change the homes kids live in – that’s far better than me writing out 100 prescriptions dicine,” he says. oing respiratory infections are the common issues Lance sees sult of poor housing – which can be life-threatening in the very and the very old. Skin infections are also far too common, and are bated by overcrowding. n the housing situation improves, it can have a profound impact. this on a daily basis – people come to me because they’re sick all me, then they get into a healthy home and don’t come back. If I ever d anything to prove this is an important issue, that’s it.” ough community programmes such as Kainga Ora have made nroads, as have national programmes to retrofit insulation, Lance es there’s much more to do. He says part of this should be an onus dlords. Dr Lance O’Sullivan