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SAVING ENERGY Smart energy use at home means lower running costs. But what’s the best way to achieve this? conven The first step in ensuring an energy efficient home is looking at the sustain thermal envelope of your house. If you’ve eliminated dampness and can als draughts, and made sure you have good ventilation and heating, you’ve for free taken the most important steps. Efficie a larger A mo Solar How else can you ensure energy use within your home is as sustainable another as possible? Water heating and space heating are the two largest areas of home energy use (on average accounting for a third each). Lighti Choosin (accord When choosing new systems consider running costs over the life of replace an appliance or product, not just the purchase price. Heat pumps are an a stand efficient heating choice, but it’s important to get expert advice on the best size. An incorrectly sized heat pump may end up costing more if it has to work too hard. 25 Chec home e