Client Books Homestar - New Zealand Green Building Council - Page 44

HEALTH AND COMFORT A warm, healthy home is well insulated A warm, dry, well-insulated home means your family is likely to be healthier – and household bills will be lower We typically spend around a third of our lives in our homes, so it’s important to consider how they can impact our health. A healthy home is warm, efficient and comfortable to live in. The World So w Resear underfl of any i When around than NZ Health Organisation recommends indoor temperatures should be at replacin least 18°C (20°C for vulnerable occupants or those with health issues). to beef Unfortunately, many New Zealand homes don’t meet this benchmark, and can be cold and damp, as well as more expensive to run. Regardless of any other features, to get a good Homestar rating a home must meet mandatory minimum levels for energy, health and comfort. This recognises just how critical these factors are to overall home performance. 23 Maki mass – That’s n an ene Dam to heat