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SUSTAINABLE AESTHETICS Designer Bob Burnett believes smaller, high-performing homes are becoming more popular Architectural designers like Bob Burnett are proving aesthetics and sustainability can be combined successfully benefic Architecture is an art and science – and its practitioners generally additio develop unique styles. But architects and designers also need a good develo understanding of materials and the underlying structure and technical “Win even th preven Avail details of our homes, to ensure they are robust and conform to envelo appropriate standards. house Bob Burnett has spent much of his working life championing eco- Bob friendly, energy-efficient home design, and he is a certified Homestar also ha Practitioner and Assessor. homes While Bob is passionate about the benefits of building sustainably, CASE STUDY EIGHT 22 more a he feels as strongly about ensuring homes are aesthetically pleasing. homes “Aesthetics are really important, which is the main reason people go to an design architect. A house needs to be technically correct, but there’s no point in flow w having a high-performance house if it is ugly,” he says. fewer r Bob says changing trends affect design, but not all changes are run, an