Client Books Homestar - New Zealand Green Building Council - Page 41

WHEN BUILDING NEW t – does your un? Living areas rvice areas to Responsible contracting – find designers and builders who specialise in environmentally friendly design and build solutions. does insulation mer in the winter, me cooler in the Material sourcing – use eco-friendly building products. o cool your A narrow ourage cross es deep enough , but exclude hot ermally broken Water – collect rainwater from the roof to irrigate the garden, flush toilets, supply the hot water system and use in the laundry. No recessed lights (unless downlights are ICF rated and can be insulated over) – holes cut in the ceiling compromise the thermal envelope of the building. Lifespan – ensure the home will suit all your future needs. FIND A HOMESTAR ASSESSOR Get a Homestar Assessor involved early in the process of your renovation or build, to ensure your home will be warm, healthy and as efficient as possible. You will find a range of professionals trained by Homestar available throughout New Zealand who can provide independent, expert guidance to help you through the design, construction and maintenance of your new home. Living areas all face north t-shirts, and friends who visit peel off their d can be easily achieved in any new home,” d bedrooms face the north and a concrete slab add cost to the building – they’re just good ave spent more to have efficient appliances more people start using these, the more costs Most of the things we did can easily be achieved in any new home Erika Whittome, homeowner