Client Books Homestar - New Zealand Green Building Council - Page 40

TOP TIPS Orientation and layout living area face the su should face north, ser the south. Insulation – not only d make your home warm it also makes your hom summer. Natural ventilation – to home in the summer. A building plan will enco ventilation. Erika Whittome and her two-year-old daughter enjoy the comfort of living in a 7 Homestar home Eaves – are your eave to allow in winter sun, summer sun? Joinery – consider the windows. North-facing windows bring in plenty of light and sun A mere 10 km away in Orakei, Auckland, Erika Whittome and partner Stuart Selby agree. The couple have been in their new 7 Homestar rated home for 18 months and enjoy the added comfort and lower bills. most of the winter playing in coats and jumpers. “Most of the things we did When they approached architect Frans Kammermans he suggested says Erika. “Living areas and they could achieve a 7 Homestar rating for their new home on a smallish holds the heat; these don’t a infill site. “We were prepared to have some extra features knowing that planning.” Erika says they ha they would pay themselves off,” says Erika. and solar panels. “But the m Energy and water bills are consistently low, both in the summer and the winter, and the house is always warm. “Our two-year-old daughter spent 21 will come down.”