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HOMES AND HEALTH Well-insulated modern homes are becoming more popular than old villas. Dr Lance O’Sullivan, New Zealander of the Year Run-dow New Zealander of the Year Lance O’Sullivan sees first-hand the problems caused by poor housing – and believes it’s in all our interests to ensure kids grow up in healthy homes That commu making “We’ these k Dr Lance O’Sullivan remembers the afternoon he first made the link as a res between poor health and bad housing. young for med Ongo The same patients were turning up repeatedly at his Kaitaia surgery with exacerb illnesses that just weren’t getting better. “I decided there’s got to be a problem here – what’s happening in their lives before they come to my door? “So, I got in my car and just drove around. I went looking at people’s houses – I was initially expecting to get turned away.” Instead, he was invited in – and saw kids with chronic asthma living in When “I see t the tim needed Altho good in leaky houses. The homes he visited were cold, damp, poorly ventilated and overcrowded, exactly the environment to foster illness and infections. 3 believe on land