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COMPACT AND COSY Lesley England’s Mt Wellington design faces north to be warm and comfortable all year round Reduc We profile two homes that made small compromises on space for big gains in performance be muc Do you really need that much space? sustain This is often the first question that Lesley England, architectural as ene Lesle a 6 Ho “But designer and Homestar Assessor, asks prospective owners and building decide companies seek her services. on top Lesley, who runs design company Ecohabitats, says larger houses aren’t necessarily high performers. “With good, specific design – thinking CASE STUDY SEVEN about exactly what space you need and using it effectively – your home will be healthier, warmer and more comfortable, and offer long-term savings,” she says. “People think it will cost more to have a home above Building Code, and I say ‘Yes, it might be, but if the design is better, the running costs will 20 “The as far a For the as slab floor,” wanted think a better