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, was designed by Hobsonville Land Company and built to mes Take a tour of this small, sustainable home popular with visitors z t Lab is a government initiative at age builders and developers to think smaller, houses. So far three trial homes, ranging house to a three-bedroom 89m2 home, have ell received by the public, says Katja. HOMESTAR CREDIT FEATURES Concrete slab edge insulation reduces heat loss from the floor. rd sets of plans for smaller, sustainable and uilders examples of what can be achieved.” experience the completed houses on site, anners, builders and Auckland Council staff derstand the concept. Feedback has been he fact that it was possible to build more alone homes with indoor/outdoor flow, great shing was a revelation to visitors,” she says. Passive solar design with windows sized and placed to allow sun to naturally heat the home. Homes close to shops, schools and public facilities reduce reliance on cars.