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This home at Hobsonville Point, showcase small sustainable hom Large windows make the Axis Series homes feel spacious, and high windows keep them light and airy Matakana Green homes are being designed by Ebode, a carbon zero Axis small homes have proved p Photo courtesy of The Axis Small Home Test design company, as well as other designers committed to sustainable Hobsonville Point to encoura building practices. and create more affordable h Another development aiming for high sustainability is Hobsonville Point, Auckland, where developers highlight savings of up to 25 percent for homeowners living in the sustainable homes. These 6 Homestar rated homes are oriented to maximise the sun, have high levels of insulation, a heat pump or solar hot water, energy-efficient lighting, washing lines, water-efficient showers, toilets and taps, and tanks to collect rainwater for toilets, laundry and gardens. from a one-bedroom 40m2 h been built. All have been we “We wanted to do standar affordable homes, to give bu By being able to visit and potential residents, urban pla Residents say they feel connected and enjoy a sense of wellbeing. “The pedestrian-friendly streets, parks and public transport choices all very positive, Katja says. “Th help make this an easy place to live,” says Katja Leitz, Hobsonville Land compactly to create stand-a Company’s Development Manager, Sustainable Development. 19 have been better able to und design and high-quality finis