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nable home designs by Ebode Passive solar design by Ebode bourhoods is only likely to continue growing. such development is Matakana Green in the Matakana Valley, north kland. All 35 homes are to be designed and built to meet at least a mestar rating. s and marketing manager David Wildish says the original concept takana Green was for a subdivision with quality, well-built homes. the developers looked at setting up covenants, it was clear they e same objectives as Homestar; so with Homestar for third-party cation, covenants would be clearer and easier to organise and run. ople can find out about Homestar easily. We wanted a high-quality ision so we opted for a 7 Homestar benchmark,” David explains. mes at Matakana Green will be designed to a high standard. They water- and energy-efficient, and powered by solar panels that feed erflow into the national grid. Homes will be warm and comfortable r round with double-glazed windows and high levels of insulation. We wanted a high-quality subdivision and that is why we set the 7 Homestar rating as a benchmark will collect rainwater and keep the gardens well irrigated, without ng large water bills,” says David. mes at Matakana Green will be to a standard that all new houses d be,” he adds. David Wildish, Matakana Green