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FOLLOWING A MASTER PLAN 35 lots, walking distance to Matakana village Two well-planned developments showcase the benefits of sustainable homes on a community scale Increasingly, Kiwi homebuyers are favouring sustainable features and forgoing the 1970s suburban model of a large home away from amenities. To meet this demand, some developers are planning and designing neighbourhoods that apply the benefits of Homestar on a communitywide scale, providing not just one-off homes but whole precincts that are liveable, healthy and sustainable. The benefits of these master-planned communities are broader than just high-quality houses. By sharing local amenities like parks, people living in these neighbourhoods have readymade ways to meet and socialise, fostering a sense of community. CASE STUDY SIX Good design, streetscapes and infrastructure mean they’re pleasant and accessible from the beginning. As residential density increases to meet the needs of growing city populations; and as more Kiwis prioritise efficiency and sustainability over size, the demand for well-planned, sustainably developed 18 Sustain neighb One o