Client Books Homestar - New Zealand Green Building Council - Page 33

Adam Horvath We have proven you can deliver warmer, drier homes, in a quicker time frame and affordably Adam Horvath, Director ble to build high-performing homes within a modest budget. laid out the subdivision so the homes have better solar ation,” he says. mes were designed specifically to incorporate Homestar principles as solar orientation, thermal mass, high-rated insulation and double g – as well as sustainable, non-toxic materials, such as low-VOC and adhesives. also minimised construction waste which meant 95% less waste o landfills,” says Adam. w that the tenants have moved in, we are seeing more social ction among the people in the homes. Children’s health is ved, and there is potential for them to do better at school, as health ems like runny noses and colds disappear. High Homestar-rated s provide a much healthier living environment.” houses have private shared outdoor areas that are accessible hrough the back gardens which are exclusively for tenants to use, g create better community spirit. last word goes to Adam: “We have proven you can deliver warmer, homes, in a quicker time frame and affordably.” The project reduced landfill waste by 95%