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SOCIAL HOUSING The tenants of these new Housing New Zealand homes can access a private garden A modest budget has proved no barrier to sustainability and comfort in seven new state houses in Napier possib Adam Horvath knows that good, affordable, social housing changes lives, such a benefitting tenants and the wider community. glazing Adam, Director of Horvath McCarthy Group in Napier, has recently completed a project for Housing New Zealand to design and build seven 6 Homestar rated homes. Adam’s company demolished the existing old and poorly performing “We orienta Hom paints “We went to “Now houses, and took the project through to completion – with seven families interac moving into brand new Housing New Zealand homes in May 2014. improv Tenant Crete Pinkham was thrilled to move into a brand new home, and says it’s the first time she has ever felt house-proud. “It makes me feel really good,” she says. Her new home has lots of room – two bedrooms, CASE STUDY FIVE bathroom, laundry and a kitchen with “lots of space for food”. But more than this, it is built for the sun, is well insulated and ecofriendly, and scores a 6 Homestar rating denoting high energy efficiency. With all this, Crete will not only be warmer, but her bills should now be lower. Adam says the houses were built as a trial, but have proved it’s 17 proble homes The only th helping The drier h