Client Books Homestar - New Zealand Green Building Council - Page 31

chair Richard Goldie, Director of Peddle Thorp Architects. he successful proposal convincingly met several criteria. It uses n materials and energy-saving construction technology, provides liveable apartments, engages well with a small neighbouring reserve, ributes positively to a mixed-use street – and offers the city an ring work of architecture,” says Goldie. wanted to demonstrate that with a bit more effort in design and truction, we can significantly reduce the energy use in our buildings,” Stephen Smith of S3 Architects. “Also, precise off-site prefabrication efficient on-site assembly can bring time and cost savings. New and can be a world leader in this timber technology.” eater proposed intensification in some parts of the city is one estion in the proposed Auckland Unitary Plan to create a more ble city with affordable housing options. ood urban design that includes plenty of green spaces and urages mixed-use living can help create lively communities that also This innovative timber construction is high quality, sustainable and looks great. It is also very cost effective less impact on the environment. Apartment living can also be more enient for work and transport links, cost less to run and maintain, be more secure. Stephen Smith, S3 Architects