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PEGASUS BAY Pegasus Bay Primary S energy school. Opened electric (photovoltaic) p school, with the excess features include thicker daylight harvesting, and energy use by a stagge Homestar becomes teaching aid in Whakatane Dave Dobbin, who teaches metal technology at Trident High School in Whakatane, has spearheaded an initiative to get students thinking about sustainable energy and how it affects their own lives. He runs a programme that challenges Year 13 students to develop solar water / photovoltaic systems cheaply enough to become low-cost solutions for households. As part of this NCEA Level 3 course, students study sustainability at global, local and personal levels. They use the Homestar self-assessment tool to assess their own households and work out action plans. They then build models of their chosen heating systems and ultimately produce full-scale working units. Success stories from the course include students who have switched their whole household lighting to eco-bulbs, to others who have saved their family as much as $60 a month by switching electricity contracts. β€œIn the first year we ran the programme, students built a full-scale solar water heating system for the school workshop – providing it with free hot water,” Dave says. 15 Te Mirumiru childcare centre, Ka Photograph courtesy of Simon D