Client Books Homestar - New Zealand Green Building Council - Page 27

FEATURES OF GREEN STAR SCHOOLS Reduced operating costs with energy-efficient design. High-quality indoor air for improved learning. No toxic materials in learning and play areas. Good daylight and classroom acoustics. Fresh drinking water conserved; rainwater collected to manage storm water runoff. en Star Design rated Stonefields School e courtesy of Goodfolk Water recycling, water efficient appliances and fittings. CO2 levels get too high – as they can in old, poorly-ventilated Waste management and recycling encouraged. ooms – it can be hard for kids to concentrate. ural light is important too. Research proves that students learn in spaces illuminated by daylight rather than artificial light. Having outside also makes a difference. h Martin, Principal at Stonefields School, says being in a Green chool means lower energy bills, as well as wider benefits. enefits our wider community, the people who work in this place, ost importantly our children – because they are our future citizens.” cipal of Hingaia Peninsula School Jane Danielson says the school’s Star status is “not just a certificate on a wall – it’s how we live our ere”. joy working in a Green Star school because it gives students the unity to learn about the environment and sustainability which are mportant factors for lifelong learning.” See more about creating schools for a more sustainable future.