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GREEN SCHOOLS 5 Green Star Built rated Hingaia Peninsula School Image courtesy of Brewer Davidson Architects 5 Gree Image Green Star schools provide a healthy environment – and become a learning resource in themselves When C It’s not just our homes that are healthier when they’re designed and built a view for sustainability. The Green Star tool does for commercial buildings and schools, what Homestar does for homes – it ensures they are designed to be healthy, cost less to run and have less impact on the environment. The Green Star Education tool was launched in New Zealand in 2009. CASE STUDY THREE 14 classro Natu better i Sarah Star sc “It be and mo Princ Since then more than 20 projects – both schools and higher education Green S – have been rated. Green Star ensures buildings use energy and water lives he efficiently, have good air quality inside, and good levels of daylight. “I enj As well as the basics of a space that is warm in winter and cool in opportu summer, a Green Star school has good acoustics and fresh air inflow. really im