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The home features triple glazing e assessment relates to the amount of planting, , which includes natives, vegetable garden KEY HOMESTAR FEATURES moved in and can look at our neighbours’ s garden – our property feels more finished ve planting. And we are really hoping our s,” says Murray. ay says he has really liked the Homestar is to get Homestar involved from a very early he things you want and get the design right ngs half way through the process makes it r process – for design rating, managing was a tiny percentage of the total house cost. e paid for over and over again in the savings y bills, water bills and general good health.” Photovoltaic energy production. LED and fluorescent lighting with energy-saving measures such as sensors. Highly insulated ceiling, double timber skin walls, heat-transfer ventilation system. Concrete slab insulated on top and edge. Energy-efficient design. Triple-glazed, low-e coated, argon-filled PVC windows. Rainwater harvesting and water-conservation appliances and fixtures. Sustainable or recycled materials chosen as a preference.