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The cost of the Homestar process was a tiny percentage of the total house cost Murray Durbin, homeowner The Durbins at home With solar panels, the Durbins meet their own power needs h on the Durbins’ wish list was a warm home with good air quality. anted our air to be fresh and have healthy CO2 levels,” says Murray, black mould on walls or in wardrobes was something else we really d to prevent.” eat recovery ventilation system sucks out stale air, exchanges it and s fresh air back into the house, so the inside air is always fresh, at a ant year-round temperature – and, best of all, there’s no chance of mould or mildew taking hold, even in bathrooms or wardrobes. ally, the Durbins were interested in building to a German standard, haus, but as they started working on the design they decided there ome advantages to also achieving an 8 Homestar rating. ray says that the Homestar programme gave them a more holistic f the project. “It made us consider a lot of things that we may not ncluded otherwise,” he says. Durbins worked closely with Homestar Assessor Matt Wilson, who an architect, to develop the design with a Homestar overlay. rray had a lot of really good ideas himself, but Homestar helped him