Client Books Homestar - New Zealand Green Building Council - Page 22

THE IDEAL HOUSE The Ideal House has an 8 Homestar design rating Starting from scratch made it much easier for this family to realise their dream – a highly sustainable home The Durbins are an ordinary Auckland family – Dad, Mum and two kids – but their dream is a bit different from many others. “We wanted a new home that would be comfortable for our family, highly energy efficient and with a healthy living environment,” says Murray High “We wa “and b wanted A he pumps consta black m Durbin. “We had a number of goals in our minds before we even began Initia to design our house. Some of these were purely because of our wish to Passivh build a house that was truly sustainable, and others were the result of bad were so experiences in previous homes and rental properties.” CASE STUDY TWO 12 Murray, wife Lee Ann, and their two children have moved into their new home – dubbed the “Ideal House” – in Beachlands. With a floor area of 250m2, the four-bedroom, two-bathroom home was carefully designed by Stephen Smith of S3 Architects to be one of the most energy-efficient homes in the country, while keeping to a mainstream budget. Murr view of have in The D is also “Mur