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Owner Andrea Davison and Homestar Assessor Alex Reiche Although the new addition is above code with high levels of insulation and double glazing, the older part of the house holds back the rating. For example, there is still single glazing in the old section. There is also no efficient heating system – such as heat pump or pellet burner – to warm more than one room at once. While the rainwater system is great, they’ve chosen tapware and fittings that aren’t as efficient as they could be. The water heating could also be more efficient. “When renovating it’s good to get a Homestar Assessor involved early on, so you can see how the impact of all decisions add up,” says Alex. “Overall they’ve done a very good job. With a few more tweaks it could be a highly efficient home.” Andrea says the Homestar report has given them assurance that they’ve improved the performance significantly. “And thanks to Alex, we know exactly where to focus to improve. There are little things we can do soon and bigger things we’ll do later – this is a good guide.” TOP RENO FROM THE HOM Design for maximum pa Aim above Building Cod performance. Work with a qualified Ho your design against the guidance on how to max Communicate your prod rates, eco-certification o building team and subco your goals. Follow the Assessor’s re remember to collect evid you have done things rig Visit Alex’s website at en 11