Client Books Homestar - New Zealand Green Building Council - Page 19

We wanted a renovation that would be energy efficient Andrea Davison, homeowner ven went a step further than many, with rainwater harvesting ed to the toilets and laundry. renovation, the home rated 2 Homestar – cold and unhealthy, but for an unrenovated old wooden house. once complete, how did the rating improve? Homestar Assessor eiche of Envirospec paid the couple a visit to give them a sional view. is qualified to assess and rate homes under Homestar, and advise s on improving performance. He also runs a useful website where n easily find products that help towards a Homestar rating. drea and Richard should be congratulated – they’ve taken an old, -performing home to the level of a new home that’s better than ng Code,” says Alex. Davison home scores a high 4 Homestar, thanks largely to the on to good insulation and water use. However, it narrowly misses er rating because it doesn’t meet some of Homestar’s mandatory ums for energy, health and comfort. HOMESTAR CREDIT FEATURES Above-code insulation fitted to walls and underfloor. Double-glazed windows and doors in new extension. LED lights replace traditional incandescents. Rainwater harvesting plumbed to toilets and laundry.