Client Books Homestar - New Zealand Green Building Council - Page 13

THE HOMESTAR KEY FEATURES The Homestar icons throughout the guide illustrate what needs to be considered to ensure your home performs better. HEALTH AND COMFORT WASTE Health and comfort assesses how easy it is Easy ways to manage and reduce household to keep the warmth in, and moisture out of waste; as well as guidance on reducing your home. This is the most critical part of construction waste during building and Homestar. renovation projects. ENERGY SITE The number and efficiency of appliances in Where your home is located and how you the home that use energy, plus any on-site use outdoor space is also important to generation. sustainability. WATER MANAGEMENT The efficiency of taps, showers and toilets This section includes choice of materials, contributes to how much water we use. guidance for general use and how you Collecting rainwater and re-using greywater keep track of home maintenance. are also options for high-performing homes.