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Modern, energy-efficient homes are growing in popularity among home buyers. Image courtesy of Hybrid Homes those surveyed – up from around 50 percent in the previous two surveys. home of choice, up from 2.6 Roughly half of people think it’s important for a home to be built from proportion overall, the 1.4 pe sustainable or environmentally-friendly materials, up from a third. Water follows a similar rise the prev saving however, is still close to the bottom of the list, with only 37 percent Paul says he expects the tr of New Zealanders saying water efficiency is important when choosing a apartments to continue. “This home. In terms of the types of homes we crave, older character homes features like sun, efficiency a are continuing to lose popularity. Only 6 percent cited a villa as their designed with these things in preferred home, down from 8.4 percent in 2013 and 10 percent in 2012. “The old stigma against ap Modern-design homes (1980s or later) are now the stuff of Kiwi dreams, increasingly see more high-q with 45 percent naming the era their first choice, with another 13 percent preference for apartments is wanting a brand new home. population,” he says. One-th While villas are declining, apartments are gaining in popularity; 4 percent of people surveyed would now opt for an apartment as their 6 maintenance, while another t reasons for their preference.