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Your Guide to a Warmer, Healthier, More Efficient Home

• Dr. Lance O’Sullivan on home health • Top tips for renovation
• NZ’s sustainable homes • Market premium for efficient homes

2 Welcome
4 Dr Lance O’Sullivan on home health and our kids
8 Latest home buyers survey data
12 How can Homestar help improve your home?
18 A young family’s cottage renovation prioritises
efficiency and healthy living

22 The Ideal House – 8 Homestar design rated for
high performance and efficiency
26 Kiwi kids benefit from healthy Green Star schools
30 Innovative city living – an award-winning apartment
32 Sustainable Social Housing – it need not be costly
34 New communities designed for sustainable living


38 Compact and comfortable – small compromises in
space, big gains in performance
42 Aesthetics and sustainability – our new-look homes
44 Health and comfort
48 Smarter energy use

Welcome to the 2014 Healthy Home Guide
A warm, healthy home – it’s what we all want, but are we achieving it?
What will our future homes and communities look like?
Putting together this edition of the Healthy Home Guide has been a
fascinating time to reflect on the New Zealand home market.
There’s no doubt about it – how we want to live is changing. In this
issue we cover the growing desire of homebuyers for energy efficiency
over other features. We’re recognising that smaller, well-designed homes
can meet our needs very well – especially when close to facilities and
transport. Our case studies show this trend with some great-looking,
liveable homes.
As the independent benchmark of home sustainability, Homestar
is being applied in increasingly diverse settings – apartments, standalone homes and entire communities (as in Matakana and Hobsonville).
It’s great to see so much innovation coming through – be it through
prefabrication or use of renewable energy. I hope you find the Homestar
case studies as inspirational as we did.
Of course, it’s not all about building new. Nearly a million existing Kiwi
homes are still underperforming, placing greater stress on family health
and costing more to run. We’ve packed the guide with advice and tips for
people renovating or simply wanting to improve the health of their home,
making it warmer, drier and smarter.
For a tailored view on how to improve your own home, join myHomestar
and do the online self-assessment – it’s an invaluable starting point.

Alex Cutler, CEO, New Zealand Green Building Council


50 Cost-savvy appliances
52 Using water efficiently
56 Managing waste
58 Your home’s wellbeing
60 New and noteworthy products
64 Free support and advice on offer
66 Homestar directory