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Client satisfaction is everything for a home builder, but it’s also fair to say that gaining national recognition for a project is the icing on the cake. Two award-winning homes designed and built by Fowler Homes Manawatu feature on these pages. This story highlights a four-bedroom home that has won three Manawatu/Wan- ganui Registered Master Builders House of the Year Awards. The home won a Place- makers New Home $400,000 - $500,000 Category Award and Gold Award, and a Lifestyle Heart of the Home Kitchen Award. The home also qualifies for a Master Builders National Reserve Award – these awards are yet to be announced. Fowler Homes Manawatu owners Shane and Megan Walker say the home has a lifestyle focus, and features low- maintenance materials. “The simple lines and monopitch roof are enhanced by a palette of white, light grey and charcoal. The mix of Rockcote w&WBW2&FR67ƖVvVFW&&&G2&Vf&6W2FR7G&VƖV@&fRVgCF2WrfW"&VG&f֖ǒPW'7F'F2vF&VRv&G2FPvGRvvV&Vv7FW&VB7FW"'VFW'0W6RbFRV"v&G2#RFW6vVBB'V@'fvW"W2vGRFRW6RfVGW&W2֗b&66FRw&WBW2&FR67ƖVvVFW&&&G2FRWFW&"FRFV&Pv&vR2gVǒ7VFVBB6'WFVBFB&fSFRƗfr&V2VWF7V6VFW&VBFV6BW6v