Clicks Internet Marketing Magazine for Small Business Clicks Magazine 32 - Page 9

HERE’S 5 TRICKS TO MAXIMIZE YOUR SUCCESS WHEN USING INSTAGRAM FOR BUSINESS » Upgrade A Personal Instagram Profile to A Business Profile - First and foremost is to up- grade to a business profile on Instagram. You can do that by linking your Instagram account to your Facebook business page. Yup that’s it! Instagram will see the designation and con- nect it accordingly. » Ditch the Stories at Start–Some businesses do very well with “Stories” on Snapchat and Face- book. But for now, Instagram doesn’t support stories - Instead, try out some of the other great tools and features. » Make Use of the CTA/Contact Button - Di- rect communication is one of the best fea- tures of Instagram for Business. When you set up the Contact button, you can choose how people will reach you - whether it’s email, phone or both. » Post on A Regular Basis, But Don’t Over-post – Sometimes people can get too much of a good thing, right? And it’s certainly true in this case. Over-posting can have a counter-effect and followers will be more likely to skip your posts. That is why 3 great posts a week can out-perform 30 of them.