Clicks Internet Marketing Magazine for Small Business Clicks Magazine 32 - Page 6

7 Make Sure Your Prize is relevant and attractive This pretty much goes without saying. But just in case we didn’t emphasize this point enough just about every successful social media contest offers up an appealing prize for the winner. Without it, you won’t attract any contest entrants. Make sure to stay relevant to your business and your audience and choose relevant prizes. If you own a hotel, offer a night for two. An art dealer could offer a limited-edition reprint. If you run a spa, you might offer a free 1 hour massage. The key is to offer something that attracts the most amount of people. Make sure to include a photo of your prize to give people even more reason to enter. 8 create Your custom hashtag If you have ever won- dered why brands choose personal and custom hash- tags when running social media contests, there is a science behind it. Coming up with a unique hashtag that reflects your brand and your contest can be used to extend the reach of your contest across all social networks. For example, there are tools like Hash- that can help you find trends related to your industry and potential gold mines in terms of hashtags. So, there you have it - you now know our best kept secrets to running a perfect social media contest. However, you should know that not every social media is the same. The demo- graphics, type of content and a ton of other variables can play a role in how successful your contest ends up being. But following these rules will definitely give you an edge, especially if you’ve never run a contest before.