Clicks Internet Marketing Magazine for Small Business Clicks Magazine 32 - Page 5

4 Set Your time Frame Your rules should be clearly displayed for everyone who enters the contest. Make sure it’s clear that voting is only part of the process, and that a judge or panel of judges will determine the final winner. Also, in the case of suspected fraud scenarios (yes, it happens unfor- tunately) - you have the right to choose the winner. Do you have an idea of how long will your contest actually last? One of the first things your audience should know is the start and end date of your contest. The best-case scenarios for contests are typically one day contests for products and goods - and weekly or monthly contests for more valuable prizes (ex. higher value services, hotel stays, yearly prizes etc.) 5 create Your list of rules How will you choose the winner? By random - or the community votes? 6 determine who can enter If your local business wants to increase the foot traffic to your physical location, you should know that specifying an age requirement goes a long way when you are establishing your contest rules.