Clicks Internet Marketing Magazine for Small Business Clicks Magazine 32 - Page 18

Pop-up Mailers When you were a kid, you probably owned at least one pop-up book. While these books are aimed at children, you can take the same basic idea and use it in a mailer. One classic example of this technique came from the retailer IKEA. They sent out a mailer that popped up and turned into an IKEA table when it was removed from the envelope. The mailer was fun and creative and made a big impression on their customers. There are thousands of ways you could adapt this idea for your business. They key is to choose a pop-up that represents you, your product, or your service. postcard of envelope, consider doing one of the following: » Send a larger item, such as a poster, in a tube » Print your marketing information on an ob- ject and send it in a box. For example, Am- nesty International did a mailer that looked like a pair of chopsticks. When the recipients opened it, they turned out to be pencils. The enclosed material encouraged people to write letters to the Chinese government on behalf of political prisoners. » Enclose a sample of your product. This tech- nique isn’t new – but it still works! It’s especial- ly effective if you’re launching a new product. Again, don’t be afraid to get creative with these ideas. A 3D mailer is more likely to be opened than a letter. From Inbox to Mailbox 3D Mailers A variation on the pop-up mailer is creating a 3D mailer. Instead of simply sending a boring What are you waiting for? Use these ideas to ex- pand your marketing from your target audience’s inbox to their mailbox – and reap the rewards of thinking “outside the box”.