Clicks Internet Marketing Magazine for Small Business Clicks Magazine 32 - Page 16

Variable Data Printing Personalized URLs Did you know that there are printers who will seg- ment mailers into small batches to print person- alized information on mailers? It’s called variable data printing and it’s one way to bring information you gather digitally into your prospects’ homes. One of the coolest ways to bring your direct mail campaigns into the digital age is to give customers a personalized URL (PURL). When they enter it in their browser, it directs them to a special page that you’ve created for your campaign. You can choose to print mailers based on users’ geographical information. For example, if you were targeting a nationwide audience, you might do a different mailer for each state featuring an iconic image like the Empire State Building for New York or the Everglades for Florida. If you wanted to get more specific than that, you could even produce postcards that showed customers in your local area how to get to your store from their neighborhood. Alternatives might be based on customers’ previ- ous buying habits or their ages. You can get cre- ative with it and give your direct mail pieces the kind of personal touch that translates into sales. What makes the page personalized is that the PURL you create incorporates their name. It might look like this: The benefits here are two-fold. First, your customer feels that you have reached out directly to them, and that increases the chances that they will visit the website and check it out. Second, it gives you the opportunity to determine exactly who has responded to your mailer – and you can use that information to follow up based on the actions they take once they visit the Personalized URL.