Clicks Internet Marketing Magazine for Small Business Clicks Magazine 32 - Page 13

WHAT YOUR WEBSITE NEEDS Now, let’s talk about what your website needs for you to become a geo-topical authority in your niche. You may already have some of these things, but we highly recommend that you review this list and then get started on adding those things that you’re missing. Home Page You undoubtedly have a home page, but does it have all the information it should? To be effective at building geo-topical authority, your home page must include key information about your compa- ny at a glance, so that customers who are in a hurry can contact or find you immediately. It should also have intuitive navigation, an easy- to-find menu, and a structure that makes it easy for customers with more time on their hands to explore your site. Customer Service Policy/Customer Bill of Rights This first item includes one piece of content that will remain internal to your company and one that will be published on your site. Every company needs a well-thought-out cus- tomer service policy so that employees know your guidelines for handling customers. The flip side of that is a customer bill of rights that lets your customers in on how they should ex- pect to be treated by your employees. NAP Listings Your name, address, and phone number must be clearly listed on your site – and identical on every page. That’s important because it helps custom- ers find you and also helps Google connect all of your online listings. Make sure everything is spelled properly and punctuated in the same way on every page. Your NAP listings should be in crawlable HTML, and ideally, you should mark them with Schema to help search engines find your site. While you’re at it, you should also check your off-site NAP listings if you haven’t done so recently. Any discrepancy can hurt your geo-topical authority.