Clicks Internet Marketing Magazine for Small Business Clicks Magazine 32 - Page 12

WHAT IS GEO-TOPICAL AUTHORITY? This company might publish blog posts or videos to show people how to prevent pests from taking up residence in their homes. That, combined with accurate and comprehensive information about the business, will turn them into a geo-topical au- thority on pest control. Let’s start with a quick explanation. Geo-topical authority is just like any kind of authority, except it is both: 1. Specific to the geographical area where you do business; and 2. Specific to the topics that are most important to your customers. That makes sense, right? The idea is that your web- site – and indeed, your entire online presence – should establish you as a company that can provide detailed, valuable, and actionable information about any topic related to what you do. Let’s consider an example to make sure you know what we mean. Imagine a pest control company that has several nearby competitors. The compa- ny that will win out in terms of online searches is the one that has: » A website that makes it easy to find all rele- vant information about the business (we’ll talk more about that in a minute) » Content that’s geared toward answering their target audience’s most common questions » A coherent online presence that maintains a strong brand voice and vision WHY DO YOU NEED GEO- TOPICAL AUTHORITY? The answer to this question might be obvious, but let’s talk about it anyway. The only way for your business to succeed is for you to differentiate yourself from the competition and make it clear to consumers in your area that you are the best possible choice to help answer their questions and meet their needs. If your website isn’t designed with geo-topical au- thority in mind, then the chances are good that you’re missing out on attracting new customers. In other words, building geo-topical authority will help you beat out your competitors and increase your profits. You can get more online traffic, more foot traffic to your store, more referrals, and a big- ger social following – and that’s just the beginning!