Cliche Magazine Oct/Nov 2017 - Page 76

Strange Things “ It’s unfortunate and magical. It’s such a blast.” While unfortunate and magical don’t seem like words that could be used to describe the same thing, they are exactly the right adjectives to describe the Netflix series A Series of Unfortunate Events. And it’s exactly that seemingly contradictory world that drew in Matty Cardarople. “What drew me to the show?” Cardarople asked. “The world of the show. The sets. It draws you in. Being on set feels like an alternative universe. It pulls you in. Every day is a new adventure and I love it!” Cardarople plays Orlando, also known as the “Henchperson of Indeterminate Gender,” who is one of the members of series antagonist Count Olaf’s theatre troupe. “I play one of Count Olaf’s Henchman,” Cardarople said. “He’s a very observant character and likes to point out the truth in things.” The show is based on the A Series of Unfortunate Events book series by Daniel Handler under the pen name Lemony Snicket. The first sea- son, available now on Netflix, covers the first four books of the series. Two more seasons have been announced, which will cover the other nine books in the series. Cardarople said he was fami- liar with the books before he got involved with the show. “I love Daniel Handler’s style of writing,” Cardarople said. “It’s very unique in a great way and it draws you in. The vocabulary in his writing is amazing. It really teaches you, which is cool.” Translating the world of the books to a TV series can be challenging. However, Cardarople was continual- ly surprised by what they could put toge FW"F&Vǐ7&VFRWFVF2f6bFRv&BbFR&2( WfW'F6WBFW&R26R&"6WBF@&w2Rv( 6&F&R6B( &''6VfVB( tTt0B4p4RdTEU$DTDU%0BUpBt2t@tDTBDDtDՐĔdR( Уs`7F"GG6&F&PF67W76W22&R6W&W2bVf'GVFPWfVG2B&R%Ԕ4T$FRF&V7F"w2vBRvG2BvWG2BFPV6ǒBFFN( 2'FBF&V7F"( Ф6&F&Rv26&W76VB'FRw&VBGFЧGVFRFBVG&6'&2'&VvBFFR6WB&F6&7FW"26VBbBWB( FR67BB7&Wr&R&Vǒ7vVWB( 6&FЧ&R6B( V27V6&R2FvF6WBfWpW'2V&ǒFvWB2WWFV7WBFFRVB`FRFB^( 2F6rB6vrgVbVW&w( ХFR&W76R6&F&R26VVf"FR6p2&VVw&VFǒ6FfR( ėN( 2V&V( 6&F&R6B( WfW'RfW2BBFR&W76R2&VVVvR( Ф'WBFW&R&RGvVRv6R2FP6r&RWfV&R7V6F( ĒvF6VBFPW6FW2bFR6rvFג&VG2( 6&F&R6B( FWvW&R6&VBbRFBFWB7FW"bFP6rFV"g&BF"FW&R&rf2bFR6r( ФFVvFRWFfƗ6W&W22&VV&P7V66W76gVFW'GW&Rg&FR#BfFFF6&F&R7GVǒ26R6V7FFFRfЦBG27F"( Ēv2f֖Ɩ"vFFRfR( 6&F&R6B( Ğ( VvRfb6'&WRv27GVǒখ7&Fb֖RF&V6R7F"N( 2gVfRvVv2B6r6RfVGW&FVFW'2BWrBv2vBvFVBFFvFגƖfRvFV@F'&rFFW"VRF&Vv7FrW7V6ǐr&RFWfW"( ФBR2vFrƗ7Bb7&VFG2fW0BEb6&F&R26FVVBFFFRFr^( 0v2vFVBFFRb2WW&V6W2FB&Vǐ6vVBFB2G&VB6RG'VRv2vWGFrFP66RF&RW&762v&B( ėBv267W'&Vf"R( 6&F&R6B( Ē6pFRf'7BW&762&FVFW'2vFג67FW"B&VBFR&2v2VvRfbFR6W&W2B7FBv2G&V6RG'VRf"RBFRR&VƗPWfV&RFBFr6VBW"G&V066RG'VRbR&Vǒv&&BB&RFR&W7B( Чwwr6Ɩ6Vr6