Cliche Magazine Oct/Nov 2017 - Page 69

Because I have that steady foundation, I can more easily handle the unknown. My business savvy from back in the day has allowed me to create opportuni- ties. So I’ve learned how business savvy I really am because I was working at advertising for other people. I realized that I’m pretty good at this. You played Sasha Brown on Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns. What was that experience like for you? What did you take away from playing Sasha? Why Did I Get Married? came before Meet the Browns. It came out a year and a half after I was here and then we already knew there was going to be a series. The specifics of the series were kind of unknown. For me, it was an amazing experience because I was still so new and fresh to the acting game. I threw caution to the wind, loaded up the truck, and moved to Beverly. I’m not in Beverly, but it was such an amazing experience and I met such amazing individuals. We became a family of sorts. Tyler became like my big brother/mentor; it was just a safe, beautiful place for me to kind of figure it out. I came here with a really good foundation in regards to acting and I was open to trying new things and freefalling into it, but there’s a technique to it. After getting a comedy, there is a lot of technique to it. Everybody thinks you just jump on set and make it happen, but no, there’s very specific things that you have to do in order to bring a comedy to life. Once I knew that Browns was coming, I was in class every day, all day from this amazing guru of comedy named Lesly Kahn. Logan [Browning] and I were the newbies. This was our first series and our first real acting gig. I would say to not take myself too seriously. I can tend to do that sometimes and the beauty of Sasha for me was she was kind of like a new age Lucille Ball. She was quirky; she was a little offbeat, but she was strong. She was a very strong force who put the family together, but she wasn’t afraid to be who she was and to be quirky, smart, and fearless, but still have fun. For me, Tyler cast me as such because Sasha was very close to who I am. You were recently in the film Media about a lawyer hoping to run for mayor until his moth- er asks him to run the family empire. What did you love most about your character, Danielle Jones? What choices did you disagree with? The thing about Danielle is that there were so many places that we wanted to explore with the character in the initial film. The whole basis for Media was to have very, very strong female characters. We were vibing off a lot of things that are trending right now with regard to what the audience is gravitat- ing toward, but I don’t think that we really had the opportunity to show how strong these females were. You can only do so much within the episodes, but Danielle had a lot of girth and Danielle had a whole lot of developing to do. I don’t think that we were fully able to execute that in the initial movie. Either way, it was an amazing opportunity to work with some brilliant actors I admired. You are not just an actress, but you love to cook as well. In your cooking web series, you make a lot of southern dishes. Do you have a favorite dish? What about cooking do you enjoy most? My family favorite is my seafood-stuffed catfish. That is, I think, number one. I’m not huge on bak- ing, believe it or not. My mom is the baker. My mom is the one that does the sweets and the delecta- ble ͕̰Ё$ݽձͅѡЁ$ٔɽݐ)͕ȁӊé䁉ɕՑ$ݽձͅѡ)хѕѡɕѥȁѡͥ)ѡЁ$ٕ]$݅́ɽݥ䁝Ʌȴ)́ɴݔٕѽݔɽՍ)ݔЁ]ѠѡЁ́Ёɕͥ)5Ёݕ̰ݔݕɔѽѡȁ́䁅)ݔݕɔͅՍ́ѡ́ՙ=)͔́׊eɔq=䁝$ٔѼ)݅ЀԁMɑ䁵ɹI)tQɗéɕѡ͔ɥ́ѥ)ѽѡȁݥѠѡ䁥ѡɐ٥ͥѥ)ݥѠݡЁԁɽѡɽ)ѡЁ͕ͽ$ѡѡЁٔɔ)Ѡɕѥȁѡͥ)ȁٽɥє1եͥɕ)́Ё=ѽȸԁѡ)ɕͥ٥ѥ)ͥ=ȁɔѡٕ䁑ɕ)QɔɔЁͥɥѥ́ѡЁԁ)ȁݸиͽéхȴ)ѕˊѡѕɕхѥ́Ѽɕи)eȁаȁѽ䰁ѡѡ́ѡЁԁɔ)͕ѼɔѼѽх䁍ȁѕȴ)ɕхѥѡЁɅѕȸQͅѡ́)쁥ӊé͕ɽ̰ݡɔ$ɽ)܁$ɕ܁Qɗéхٽ́хѕ)ѡЁ$݅ͻeЁٕ͕ѼͥQɔݕɔх)ѡ́ѡЁ$ɕٕѥ́и)Qѥѱѡ́Mѡɸ5)ݗeɔЁMѡЁɕɐѡɔ́)ٕͥȁѥݕѥ)Q䁅ɔѠٕ䁑ɕЁյ̰Ёȁ)ӊéѱи$ͽѡѼ䁍ɕѥٔ)ѱи$ѡЁ$ѡ́չѥ$)ѼѥЁЁ)ͥɽȁݡЁ́)Ёȁԁ́ݔȁѡ)]̰ɥ'eٕٔ䁙չєQ)܁͕ͽMхЁ٥х́9ٕȀİ)ͼ'eٕ䁕፥ѕЁѡиQЁ݅́ͼݕ)ձmɕѽȁѡ͡t́Ս)饹хи!ɕѕ饹Ʌѕ)ѡЁ$ɕ䁡ոݥѠ(