Cliche Magazine Oct/Nov 2017 - Page 68

Dinner & A Scene D enise Boutte loves to cook. In fact, she loves it so much that she has a cookbook com- ing out in October, her own cooking web series, and a killer recipe for a crowd-pleasing, seafood-stuffed catfish. When she isn’t making meals that her family loves, she is acting, a profes- sion she didn’t know she wanted until she was already in the thick of it. Though she’s known most for her roles in Why Did I Get Married? and Meet the Browns, Boutte has the star power that proves she’s just getting started. BY KEAH BROWN Photographer: BIRDIE THOMPSON Hair: SYLVIA J. STANKOWSKI Makeup: NIEHLA O. Cliché: What was the role that made you want to continue being an ac- tress? Denise Boutte: This is the weird part about my journey. I never thought about being an actress. I was actually in corpo- rate America for almost 5 years and it was all thanks to clients casting me for jobs. I thought, “This is actually kind of feeling good. What if I could get representation? What if I actually pursue this thing?” I got thrown into acting but I thoroughly enjoy it because I am a Capricorn and a control freak by nature. Acting was my freefall before I came to Los Angeles and I started getting formal training. Acting was about having fun with not being in control because you are kind of living vicariously through the characters. I wouldn’t say that there was a role that made me necessar- ily continue, for the most part. When I’m not acting, I’m staying creative, so I have something to fill those in-between times. What have you learned about your- self as a person through acting? There is a lot of this that I can’t control and that’s hard. For me, I’ve been blessed to have a very firm personal foundation so that, I guess, enables me to take the ups and downs in my professional life. 68